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masonry contractors in St. catharines, ON


STC Masonry in St. Catharines, ON, is your reliable masonry construction company with the goal of becoming the leading masonry, concrete, and stonework contractor. This is due to our experience, work ethic, and customer service.

With our skills and equipment, we strive to improve your experience and meet your expectations when working on your home. We make certain that all of our crews respect your home and complete the job correctly.

All of our skilled professionals are taught to communicate with you, the customer so that there is no confusion or upset during any work we do for you. If something unexpected occurs, it is communicated immediately so that it can be resolved and the job can continue smoothly.

For the Masonry and Concrete Industry, we created a code of conduct known as the “Customers Charter of Rights.” By embracing this charter of rights, we make sure that our customers are protected from any negative or adverse experiences they may have while dealing with this industry. We hope that other masonry and concrete businesses will adopt this code so that consumers can have a better experience with all contractors.

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