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The parging contractors at STC Masonry are among the best masonry contractors in St. Catharines, ON. Rest assured that we are perfecting our masonry skills, and we have the best masonry professionals in the area. And one of those services, where our abilities set us apart, is parging.

What is Parging?
In general, this process entails applying a coating to a wall surface. This coating is mostly cement, and common applications include foundations, basement walls, exterior walls, and masonry chimneys.

The mortar used varies according to the elements in the concrete mix. The parging repair concrete mix ratio will differ depending on the purpose of the application, and a professional mason has the skills you need to make your structure stand out.

So, what exactly is covered by parging foundation walls or parging basement walls? The surfaces that require the most protection are the foundation walls. The cement coat protects the brick blocks used in construction from weather damage, despite the fact that the improvement is only aesthetic.

This is especially important in areas like St. Catharines, ON, where the freeze-thaw cycle can be damaging to masonry work. Covering foundation walls, rather than leaving the blocks bare, is especially important if you want your bricks to last longer.

It also gives surfaces a clean appearance, and by using latex-based paint, you can protect the brickwork underneath from weather damage. Coating basement walls also hides surface flaws and removes formwork and marks.

If the weather in St. Catharines, ON, doesn’t make you want to protect your foundation walls, perhaps insulation will. Parging will also help protect your exterior insulation from damage caused by both impact and sunlight.

Parging Repair
You should not be worried if you already have a parged foundation, basement, interior, or exterior walls and begin to notice signs of wear and tear. STC Masonry has the expertise to restore the appearance of your structures.

STC Masonry recommends that you inspect your parged surfaces on a regular basis. As soon as you notice the appearance of shallow cracks, seal them as soon as possible. However, you may not always have the time or the skills required to repair parging efficiently.

If you need parging repairs in St. Catharines, ON, or the surrounding area, you can contact us for a free estimate even before you decide to hire us.

As professionals, we will repair any minor or major cracks and patch up areas where the original work has become completely detached. Corners that have been nicked should not be a problem because we will repair them as well.

Sounds easy, right?
And it might be, but only to an expert mason. You may decide to try it on your own at times, but there are several reasons why you should call STC Masonry for new or parging repairs.

The first reason is that our experienced masonry professional will advise you on the best approach for the repairs. Should a structure, such as a chimney be completely rebuilt before parging? Also, do you know how to prepare a parging surface?

And even if you do, do you have the necessary tools?
Before you or your masonry professional begins repairs, you should have definitive answers to all of the above questions. And, rather than wasting time and energy on repairs only to have the coat crumble on you faster than you can dial a mason, why not start by dialing us?

Allow us to do your job correctly the first time because that is what we do. Over time, the skills required to parge smooth, long-lasting walls are refined. You’ll need a skilled and experienced masonry professional to work on your repairs with precision if you want your parged walls to exude finesse.

And STC Masonry in St. Catharines, ON, has the experts you need!

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